Statewide Association

Targeted governmental public relations campaign increases visibility and effectiveness of organization.


As state government develops and redefines legislation and regulations, more industries are affected and need representation. Entities without prior experience in governmental relations face the dual challenge of gaining heightened exposure for the group and educating the membership on the various ways to participate in the governmental process.


When a little-known statewide organization desired greater visibility with state officeholders and a stronger presence with targeted agencies, we worked with the association to create a legislative educational awareness program. Materials explaining the purpose and composition of the statewide network were developed with customized inserts to emphasize local initiatives in each legislator’s district. Personal visits to state officials were reinforced with follow-up calls and letters from member constituents. Educating the members, their boards, and those they serve about the legislative process, providing key messages and effective techniques, broadened the scope of influencers in the effort. Timely legislative updates informed individual members of the issues affecting their industry. Creating positive interactions with state agency partners cemented existing relationships and led to involvement in new projects. The challenge to identify prospective alliances with governmental entities is a continual goal.


The association realized greater exposure and aligned itself as a corporate unit with issues of concern. Members became more attune to governmental happenings and sought out opportunities to maximize involvement with elected officials. The organization is now ideally positioned to become more involved in legislative endeavors.